Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Latex dan Lagu


Right now, I finished writing article using Latex...wahaha gembiranya hatiiiiii. Well I think most of our generation dont even know and dont want to know Latex but I think it is really helpful for academic writing. As for me, Fabio forced me to use it..huhu and stated the Words is only for writing a letter..ambik ko betapa hinanya Words. So for you who want to learn Latex, you can go to this webpage. And if you out there dont know what Latex is, feel free to ask uncle google and bro yahoo. The secret is to try and use it right away, but of course you need to understand a little bit on how to format the templates first. After that, I think is straight forward writing. Of course, you need to understand the "code" for citation, table and formulas but it is easy after you get to know how it works. So thank to Latex, I dont have to worried about the formatting thing anymore.

So the best song to listen while learning Latex is


ciao ciao, arridiverci..


Alfian_Troxion said...

latex mmg best ye dok? tapi skg ni aku tengah pening benda lain, jadik malas nak tambah pening latex (walaupun aku faham ia akan membantu teramat sangat time tulis tesis)

tapi maybe kot2 la exsperimen dah settle, aku tulis tesis pakai latex :D

iZuan said...

Thanks mate! will checkidawt..